How spoiled were we this week? With two new Hills episodes back-to-back, it was almost too much Spencer to handle! I don't want to quiz your techie brains too much, so today you'll get grilled on episode 20, and tomorrow it'll be all tech treats from episode 21. Hopefully last week's season premiere quiz warmed you up to what's yet to come in the following weeks — cell phones, drama and lots of heated text messages . . . ah, to live in The Hills. OK, it's time to test your tech knowledge and take part in geek's Hills quiz to see how gadget-obsessed you really are! Just scroll down and click on the "take quiz" link below! And if you are a fashionista, be sure to head on over to FabSugar for her Hills fashion quiz! Photos courtesy of MTV

The Hills Tech Quiz: Episode 20 — "Back to LA"

What kind of laptop does Audrina have?