Hearing the story of someone forced to charge their gadgets in a hotel bathroom makes me shudder. And a little angry, honestly.

The offender, a Sheraton hotel in Philadelphia, didn't provide any outlets in the entire hotel room, forcing the guest to plug in laptop and phone in the loo.

The obvious danger of the proximity to water, added to the huge inconvenience of something I consider so important, would compel me to pack up, check out, and find another hotel that could accommodate me. Sure, I'm a gadget freak, but aren't we all traveling with technology these days? I hate when I can't get free WiFi (or WiFi at all) in a hotel, and I think it's time they conformed — especially considering that over 80 percent of you said you were interested in tech-packed hotels.

But video game console amenities and iPod docks aside, what are your priorities when traveling? Would you stay in a hotel that wasn't tech-friendly?