Okay, so most of us have gone through the process of buying a cell phone or two, but that doesn't make getting a new one any less painful. You get the run around, geek speak and stats thrown in your face before you can even process exactly what you need and want.

So what do you need to know when going in for the big purchase? PC World has put together a great guide to buying cell phones that should solve some of your qualms about entering the mobile geek playing field. To check out my favorite tips,

  • Think about the big picture - Research network coverage, monthly costs and company policies before you commit to another long term contract. I compare cell phone carriers to hair stylists - if you aren't 100 satisfied you can't be afraid to look for something better.
  • The specs explained - PC World has put together a whole section where they explain all the specs. Once you've checked that out, I suggest starting with a phone model, say the RAZR 2, iPhone or BlackBerry, and doing research on what people like and don't like about it before you buy.
  • Key features - I always look at a phone's keypad, battery life and internet access before I commit to a phone. You should always think about what feature you use the most on your phone and make sure your new device meets your needs.