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How To Cut Printing Costs

With all of the color printing that people do nowadays, it's hard to find ways to print inexpensively. There are ways to reduce printing costs on inkjet printers. When you have an inkjet printer set to print in color, most of them will use all of the colors to print black areas. This uses the color ink faster than needed. One trick you can use with a color inkjet and black and white laser is to divide the printing on a project up between the printers.

Want additional tips on how to save ink and money? Just

  • Print draft copies using only the black ink cartridge and save your color inkjet printer cartridges for final proofs.
  • Many printers let you choose the amount of ink in an options dialog. Use lowest ink settings for general printing.
  • Invest in an ink refill kit. They come with ink, tools, and everything you need to refill your ink cartridge. Some cartridges can be refilled from 5 to 10 times.
  • Recycle and save money by buying a remanufactured inkjet cartridge.
  • Look for compatible inkjet cartridges instead of the manufacturer's brand. They are just as good.
  • Buy your printer cartridge refills and toner cartridges in quantity to get a better price and free shipping.
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Join The Conversation
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
thanks for the info :D
purplesugar purplesugar 10 years
lana, just read the stuff you find helpful and let the sugars post as they see fit. just because you're not getting use out of a particular post doesn't mean that somebody else isn't...there are thousands of women (and some men) who read this blog so don't expect them to be catering to you.
Tech Tech 10 years
Hey Lanamia, that wasn't our intention at all. Women are incredibly tech savvy, in fact studies show they are online more than men and tend to have a take charge attitude when it comes to technology. As a techie myself I often have to be reminded of things like how to conserve ink...and I thought others might feel the same.
katie225 katie225 10 years
i tried the staples brand once, and it royally messed up my printer until i got a new name-brand cartridge. not even kidding. i'm totally for generic stuff, too! just saying, if you buy cheaper, expect cheaper quality sometimes. not all the time, but occasionally. also, check your printer settings to make sure that you're printing from the black ink cartridge only when printing documents. i routinely print out papers and school related stuff using the draft setting. i made my own draft setting, too, which uses less ink and only the black cartridge. helps a ton! i don't think that this entry is necessarily assuming that women aren't tech-savvy. it's actually not common knowledge that when you print documents, color printers tend to use all the colors to make black. whatever helps, i think. although i tend to agree that some of the blogs are talking down to us...
lanamia lanamia 10 years
I think particular sugar publishing blog is insulting. All the other sugar blogs acknowledge that women are not only proficient at the topics but on the cutting edge. This one apparently feels the need to explain things that the average technologically saavy person knows is elementary. It says to me that sugar publishing feels that women aren't tech saavy.
Moni-B Moni-B 10 years
Staples for sure offers remanufactured (or recycled, don't quite remember) cartrages. For a lot less. Its really fabulous. And I swear by printing things in draft, not only does it save ink, but your documents come out a lot faster! ~M~
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