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How to Go on a Summer (Digital) Break!

This Summer, why not consider a different type of break — a break from the digital! While the idea of unplugging seems nearly impossible, hitting the OFF button could be the best thing that's happened to the season since s'mores. Although ditching the devices for a week may not be an option, a simple night out with friends and without Instagram could be just what the digital doctor ordered. If you've found it hard to go minutes without checking, scrolling, and clicking, try these four ways to get back in the moment and make the most of Summer.

  • Unplug on Vacation: Since Summer and vacations often go hand in hand, use your break as an opportunity to unplug. While you may not be checking your work email, take it a step further and try to unplug from it all. This means leaving your phone behind as you enjoy a day at the beach and logging off Facebook and Twitter. Because unplugging is hard to during the work week, days off are the perfect excuse to turn off the tech — even after the plane has landed.
  • Hang by the Water: The heat lends itself to lots of activities that aren't the most tech friendly. If you're having a hard time unplugging, try doing more activities like rafting, swimming, and hiking — anything that isn't kind on your tech. Because AppleCare doesn't cover water damage, you have no option but to leave your phone (and waterproof cases) at home! If you still want to capture the moment, keep it "old school" with a disposable camera. Chances are, you'll be so in the moment, that the memories will easily be remembered!
  • Host a Tech-Free Party: With several opportunities for picnics and BBQs, now is the perfect time to relax with friends. But here's the catch, make it cell phone free! Rather than uploading pictures to Instagram the entire time, leave the phones behind and simply spend time with each other . . . not your mutual Facebook friends.
  • Head to Camp: If things between you and your tech are really getting out of hand, it may be time to head to camp — digital detox camp that is. Camp Grounded is a Summer camp for adults where you can "go to unplug, get away, and be kids again." No cell phones, computers, or clocks; just activities like rock climbing and campfires. Campers go off the grid for the entire weekend and truly take a break from anything and everything digital. Check us in!
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