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How To Export Your Bookmarks Before a Browser Breakup

How to: Export Your Bookmarks Before a Browser Breakup

Dealing with a faulty web browser that keeps crashing is like banging your head against a wall. You need it to surf the Internet, but you long to break free of all of its issues.

So if you've totally had it with your current browser (I'm talking about you, Firefox), but are afraid to separate due to your intricate organization of your bookmarks, don't be. You can export your bookmarks from whatever browser you're using now and install them on a new, fresh browser of your choosing. Best of all, you can do this in just three steps.

Find out how when you


  • Open up the browser you want to export from. Click on File, and Export Bookmarks (if you're exporting from Firefox, you'll click on Bookmarks, Organize Bookmarks, then click on the export tab on the pop-up window), and save the HTML file to your desktop.
  • Next, open up the browser you want to import to, go to File, and Import, and select the HTML file you just saved (if you're importing to Flock, it will automatically detect which browsers you have available and import). You should find your file of imported bookmarks on your toolbar, or in your bookmarks menu.
  • Then, just drag and drop your bookmark folders where you want them to be on your toolbar and you're set to go!
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witchbaby witchbaby 7 years
bookmark loss makes me think of that episode of flipping out. I use xmarks. formerly called foxmarks. It's great when I switch between computers and I just hit the sync button at the end of the day. so easy
cherrypie61 cherrypie61 7 years
I went back to IE this time 8 after using Firefox for about 2 years. At first it'd run better in Vista, but just a weeks ago it started becoming a drag. Might give Flock a try! ;) Just one question Geek...That is not your real laptop in the tras bin is it? *just concerned*
LadyGoddess LadyGoddess 7 years
I don't think this works in Chrome. :-( So I'm still using Opera
trinalina trinalina 7 years
I love that you guys mentioned Flock! I absolutely love that browser
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