Change can be hard. Maybe, for instance, you committed to an RSS Reader early on and then decided to switch to a different RSS Reader later on. I'm not here to judge — just to guide.

If you happen to be dying to make the switch to Google Reader from another RSS (maybe you heard how fan-freaking-tastic Better GReader makes it), then I bet you're also saying, "yes, I would love to switch, but what about all my feeds?!" That's a valid complaint, especially if you have upwards of 100 feeds, as so many of you do.

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Thankfully, Google Reader allows you to import all of your feeds from other readers, including Bloglines, NetVibes, and even Safari or Firefox bookmarks. All you need to do is export your subscriptions as an OPML file; refer to Google's handy list of links to learn how to do it from each reader.

Once you have the OPML file, you can upload it to Google Reader from the Settings page and the Import/Export tab. I would love to tell you how to do this from Bloglines site, but it's down right now.

Jinkies, another reason to switch?