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How to Extend Your MacBook's Battery Life

How to Extend Your MacBook's Battery Life

Yesterday, PetSugar asked me a great question — how can she extend the life of the battery in her new MacBook Air? I gave her some of my "battery-saving" tips, but I didn't know if her notebook should be plugged in all day when it's turned off (and fully charged) — something she was concerned about, and something I do all of the time. Keep reading to find out the answers to some of the most popular MacBook battery conundrums.

  • When you first receive your MacBook, make sure you fully charge the battery before use.
  • MacBooks use lithium ion batteries, which means they don't have to be completely drained to prevent the memory effect. Completely running them out actually reduces their capacity.
  • According to Apple, it's important to keep the electrons in the battery moving occasionally, but it does not recommend leaving your laptop plugged in all the time.
  • Basically, it's best to keep your battery's juices flowing. Therefore, if you use it on the bus on the way to work, then plug it in all day while at work; that's actually good for it.

To see more MacBook battery-saving tips, just


  • If you don't use your MacBook regularly, you should set a reminder to charge and discharge the battery at least once per month.
  • And if you are away for more than six months, Apple recommends storing your battery in a cool place with a 50 percent charge. Therefore, completely shut it down with a 50 percent charge, since sleep mode still uses power from the battery to maintain your laptop's memory.
  • Apple periodically releases updates that may improve battery performance, so make sure you install the updates!


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