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How to Be a Geek Goddess: Great For Aspiring Geeks

How to Be a Geek Goddess: A Textbook For Aspiring Geeks

Christina Tynan-Wood is a girl after my own heart — tech savvy, but knows that technology is something that can and should be used to make your life easier, not harder. So when she wrote How to Be a Geek Goddess, she had all those women that are afraid to dive in to the (sometimes intimidating) world of technology in mind, and uses the book like a guiding hand to ease you in. Gently.

From how to set up an RSS feed, to explaining what a modem is used for, to sharing her lust of some cool gadgets, How to Be a Geek Goddess is like geeksugar, but on actual paper! She dishes on the joys of online shopping, but reminds us that just like any new relationship, you gotta use protection . . . then tells you how to keep your WiFi and credit on lockdown.

I enjoyed reading through HTBAGG, especially since it helped me refresh on some subjects I had forgotten! To see who I think this book would be perfect for,


If your BFF is tired of relying on her boyfriend for tech support, or if your cousin gets a blank look on her face when you ask her if she's done her system updates lately, this book is the perfect birthday (or anytime) gift for an aspiring or wanna-be geek. It's well-written with a witty and easy tone, and never makes you feel like you are trudging through mud to understand. Just think of it like the textbook you keep on your shelf for reference when you need it.

How to Be a Geek Goddess is available now online and in stores for $ 17.

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bento-barista bento-barista 8 years
Just what I've always wanted! :D
verily verily 8 years
Interesting... I came by being a girl geek quite naturally, but I might thumb through this at the bookstore to see what it's all about.
novangel novangel 8 years
I need to get this book for my mom! lol Good thing Mother's Day is around the corner! haha :)
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