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How to Initiate a Tech Intervention

Reader Redux: Initiating a Tech Intervention

Last week, I asked you to help a girl out in staging a tech intervention. Just to jog your memory, our Community Assistant fears for her Apple-obsessed brother's financial (and social) future since he spends so much time obsessing over his gadgets, and asked for your advice on what to do about it. Here's what you suggested:

  • "Steal all his gadgets and hide them, then take him to a cabin without internet access and that just has the basic necessities for a weekend. If he can make it through that without having a meltdown, I wouldnt worry about it. If not, then he needs some serious counseling." — exteche
  • "I guess you can list out all the extra money he spent for things he didn't need and show how much money was wasted. But I don't think that will be a big enough shock to prevent the habit from continuing." — SkinnyMarie

Get the rest of the advice after the break.

  • "Believe me when I say, coming from someone who has an addiction to tech, hiding all gadgets will cause serious deleting of a friendship . . . social networks AND real life! Understand that this will be hard since everyone, including those on here offering you advice, and has a gadget of some sort so it is hard to avoid it. Start by replacing an hour of his time with something non techy: a walk in the park, bike ride, tennis, take a painting class or something, then gradually increase the hours. My husband did that for me; We spent six hours at an extreme sports facility with Rock climbing, whitewater rafting, zip lining; it was easy to enjoy these things and forget about needing to check my phone or iPad. I still love my gadgets and love talking about all things tech but I have the ability to replace a couple hours for something non tech if it is exciting. Good luck with that." — Chim

Source: Flickr user bfishadows

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