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How to Keep Your iPhone Location Data Private

How to Keep Your iPhone and iPad Location Data Private

We heard earlier that iPhones and iPads are silently and consistently tracking our locations, and logging the info when we perform syncs or backups. While this fact may be kind of scary on its own, the worst part is that the data is totally unencrypted and available to anyone who gets their hands on your devices or backup folders on your laptop. As of now, there's no way to stop your iOS 4-running devices from logging this data, but you can keep it on lockdown with a simple click.

Want to know how to keep this data private? Just keep reading.

By encrypting your backups, your location data will be accessible only by password. In order to add this layer of security to your iDevice, first, you must plug it into your computer and connect to iTunes. Select your device from the iTunes menu, and then scroll down to the bottom of the device's main screen. Click the button that says "Encrypt iPhone (or iPad) Backup" and then enter a hacker-proof password. It's that simple.

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