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Digital Life
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How to Launch Applications Immediately When You Turn On Your Mac

Geek Tip: Open Mac Applications at Login

Most people open the same few applications every time they turn on their computers. Even though I go through a wide battery of apps during a typical workday, I generally always launch Firefox, Entourage, and iChat immediately.

If you're a fellow Mac user, there's an ultra-simple way to launch your most used applications at login.

All you need to do is click into Accounts in System Preferences, and then click into Login Items. Use the plus and minus buttons to select and deselect the applications that you want to automatically launch.

Need to see it? Watch Apple's video of how to do it.

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SB-Marilyn SB-Marilyn 7 years
Actually, I'm sorry, you don't even have to hold down the control key. Just click and hold on the icon in the dock and you get the options.
SB-Marilyn SB-Marilyn 7 years
"Anonymous" this isn't a new feature but there are many people new to Mac that don't know where it is. An easier way to do this is right click (or hold down the control key) and click on the dock item. You can select to open at login or remove from login- also you can set it to keep in the dock from here as well.
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