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How to Look Good in Front of the Camera

Whether we're headed on a wild Spring Break excursion, to our parents' house for a formal Easter dinner, or out to celebrate the first day of Spring, we all want to look our best on camera. Here are a few of my favorite tips for looking and feeling good on camera:

  • Pose like a celebrity! — Rihanna and Jenna Jameson love the over-the-shoulder pose because it flaunts your back and draws attention to detail of your gown if it's backless or really ornate. Not for you? Standing at an angle like Michelle Trachtenberg with one knee out (I call it the "cheerleader stance") makes you appear slimmer in pics. Cross your ankles to elongate your legs and make sure your shoulders are back and you're standing tall.
  • For some additional tips,


  • Avoid blinking — Ask your photographer to try taking two or three photos so that your eyes can adapt to the flash. Most people blink from the anticipation and shock of the bright light in their eyes.
  • Does the camera really add 10 pounds? — Not really, it's usually just bad lighting. Still, there are ways to work around it. Consider casting from an angle and wear dark colors because they cast fewer shadows under lighting.
  • Still feel fat? — There are actually slimming cameras that will condense the image to make you look slimmer. It's not for everyone, but you can see a difference.

Tune in tomorrow for my tips to feel good behind the camera.


Join The Conversation
JonesGarciame JonesGarciame 3 years
Well this explains a lot !!!!
all-natural-girl all-natural-girl 9 years
o yea and id also like a couple of those slimming cameras and put them together to make a mega-watt skinnifying camera.hehe ^o^
all-natural-girl all-natural-girl 9 years
omg!!! now i want to go out and get some pictures taken of me, lol :D
mommy-bug mommy-bug 9 years
I was told to stick the tongue up to the palate when you smile. This causes your "double chin" or waddle to contract upwards, making your face look slimmer. Try it! I took a picture of a regular smile and then with the tongue action and I seriously look 10 lbs thinner! haha!
Lizzard214 Lizzard214 9 years
I was always told by my photographer friends to look just above the flash. This way you don't get that deer in the headlights look and it kind of forces you to keep your head at a slight angle.
Shoe-Paparazzi Shoe-Paparazzi 9 years
Good comment about asking the photographer to prep your eyes by taking a few "test" shots.
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
Good! I really need tips on taking good pictures. They're always horrible and I try so hard it gets worse XD... I always end up closing my eyes too.
searcy9320 searcy9320 9 years
Use a longer lens helps slim cut the red-eye off..this usually causes the unavoidable blinking.
Copperplum Copperplum 9 years
Yeah I don't think anyone on Spring Break will be pre-planning their best camera poses.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
omg! this was this was the direct link from yahoo! pop goes BIG TIME! :woohoo: look how many hits :)
lee-lee lee-lee 9 years
"Avoid blinking." Wow-- brilliant!
emjaycee1 emjaycee1 9 years
Well, it's easy to look good in front of a camera when you're GORGEOUS like Michelle Trachtenberg!!!
Mind-of-My-Own Mind-of-My-Own 9 years
Hi, this is really great. I have the biggest problem with blinking. I have very senseitive eyes, so this helps!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Ha I want a slimming camera. Hahahaha.
Leopardcc Leopardcc 9 years
Nice and very helpful!
randomname12345 randomname12345 9 years
Okay, let me correct that. You can't stand horizontally! :P What I meant is that you should never stand directly facing the camera. When you do this, your shoulders form a straight horizontal line and that makes you look wider. In my case, since I have very wide shoulders, it makes me look really wide. Standing at an angle, so your shoulders & body are at a diagonal, makes you look slimmer. (I think I make sense now!)
randomname12345 randomname12345 9 years
Good tips! I've also been told to never stand horizontally. I've always been told to stand at a slight angle so your shoulders make a diagonal line. This also makes you look a bit slimmer.
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