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How to Make Photo Seed Packet Wedding Favors With Your Printer

Not that it should be thought of as a trend, but it's clear that this is the year that people are finally paying attention to how they can green their weddings and cut down on the event's impact on the environment. And if it is a trend, let's hope that it stays "in" forever!

So today's wedding geek tip succeeds in being green, geeky, and creative: seed packets with you and your fiancé's face on them! With my DIY skills below, adapted from Kodak's website, you'll be able to make seed packets for other stuff too — invitations, announcements, greeting cards . . . there's no end to creativity when you have an inkjet printer and a little brainpower.

To see how to make the packets, just


  1. Download the Kodak-provided PDF for the seed packet template. I find that the one they provide is a little too chintzy, so you could use the dimensions from their template and design a packet that's more you.
  2. If you have Photoshop, add your picture, names, and date to the design. Otherwise, you can glue the picture of the two of you to the template after you print it out.
  3. Print out the paper with the template on and cut it out. If you didn't Photoshop your face on the packet, glue it on now and write or stamp in your names.
  4. Fold the seed packet and glue the side flaps down.
  5. Add the seed of your choosing to the packets (about a handful) and glue it shut.
  6. Your seed packets are now ready for wedding favoring!

To see more of our wedding coverage, be sure to check out IDoSugar!

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lisacarpenter lisacarpenter 8 years
Super cool idea! This would be great to give out with my clients photos on them at the wedding.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
awesome Idea!!
knowmercy knowmercy 9 years
I love this idea! I'm already married but I definately am putting this in my future file for when baby #1 arrives.
wickedcupofjoe wickedcupofjoe 9 years
Awesome idea! My sister is having a garden theme wedding so these will be perfect for either the shower or the wedding. :)
ljc_sugar ljc_sugar 9 years
Chintzy!? What part looks chintzy? I designed those packets. That's my husband and I on the wedding one, and my coworker's daughter on the baby announcement one. I just made ones for Mother's Day too... on request. Someone even asked for a Graduation themed one.
ALSW ALSW 9 years
I knew a few people who had done something similar. I wish I'd done something like this.
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