We all know the camera adds 10 pounds and while there are special, slimming cameras you can use to help battle the bulge, there are also some simple tips you can use to make sure your subjects are happy with the way they look on film.

Sublime Light features some great tips for keeping your friends feeling slim and trim. It's important to remember that lighting can be your best friend and worst enemy when it comes to photography, but it can't always be controlled. Some items you can control are:

  • Get up high - Elevate your position. Try standing on a chair or stool when you take the picture. Your subject will need to look up at you slightly, and in doing so will be stretching out the extra chin a bit, making it disappear behind the real chin. If your subject is on the larger side do not take his or her picture from a low angle.
  • Twist the body - Have your subject twist sideways with their feet (if standing), or twist their legs (if sitting).
  • Use the right lens - Be very careful with those wide angle lenses. They can be fun sometimes, but can really pack on the pounds.
  • For more suggestions, check out the Sublime Light guide.