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How to Make Your Wedding Slideshow

In your wedding planning mania, don't forget the touches to the wedding that are distinctly you — and one way to remind your guests of what is you, literally — is photo slideshows! Slideshows are awesome for weddings, whether you want one to show at the wedding, the reception, rehearsal, and showers — as well as making one from the wedding and honeymoon itself, to have for you and your honey to keep for yourselves.

Luckily, software and tech helpers have evolved, preventing your slideshow from being a cheesy affair — remember the days of photo collages at weddings?

To see wedding slideshow tips and ideas, just

The Pictures

  • As far as photos, you can do a slideshow of photos of your life together so far, or you can start with baby pictures and work your way up chronologically.
  • Decide what story you're telling, and think about that in accordance with how long you want the show to be. If it'll be something guests see as they arrive or will just visit briefly, then a shorter show (75-100 for about 10 minutes) may be what you want, so everyone can see all the pictures but not create a distraction. In that case, it's fine to set the photos an a shuffle setting. If you want to show the slideshow to everyone as a main event of the reception, like during the meal or drinks, then you could go longer and set the photos to go in a certain order.
  • Consider the quality of each photo you're including — but they don't all need to be high-res because they'll be projected — use old black and white, vintage-y looking shots for a nice mix.
  • Have any old home movie clips, or short video you've taken with your cell phone? Insert that somewhere in the slideshow to keep the audience on their toes!

Getting It Done

  • If you'll be able to use your computer and project it at the event, then it's achingly easy to upload your photos to a photo-sharing service like Picasa or flickr (pretty much any photo-sharing site does this) and set it to slideshow mode. Just arrange them how you want, and they'll flow in that order. If you want something fancier (like transitions between each picture), you can use a program like iPhoto. Watch the tutorial here.
  • Want it done for you? DVD Photographs slideshows start at $79.
  • Make sure your venue has a projector (or be sure to rent one) and a way to hook up your computer, or burn the slideshow onto a DVD if you want to screen it on a TV there. Can't do it yourself? Walgreens can help.

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