The other day I was chitchatting about Netflix with my friend when she was all "I have sooo many movies on my Netflix queue," and of course I asked how many, and she said, "Like, 30."

I nearly died! 30! 30?! 30 is nothing, I told her. I felt particularly proud that I pared down my queue the the other day. . . down to 280.

I don't know how it got so high; I just started adding everything I'd ever wanted to see, no matter how weak that whim was (sort of like my credit card situation). I don't get it either — I hate clutter usually, but when it comes to spring-cleaning my queue, I just can't. I know I'll see them all someday! And now that I have a Netflix app for my iPhone, it's all over.

Until then, how many movies are on your Netflix or Blockbuster queue?