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Reader Redux: How Many Times a Day Do You Check Facebook?

Wow! I suppose I should have expected the results of this poll to show up as they did given that I'm talking to a bunch of geek girls, but it turns out that 60 percent of you check Facebook more than five times each day, with another 24 percent logging in between two and five times. I already confessed that I'm guilty of checking in multiple times — some days, definitely more than five! Here's what some of you had to say:

  • "I log in a bunch of times, but usually I only scroll through my news feed for a minute then close it. " — bethinabox
  • Several times a day. I like to quickly read the new feeds and play the games, I'm especially addicted to Sorority Life." — pinkmystic
  • "Once or twice . . . unless I find something that really needs to be shared." — littlemzfit
  • "I never use Facebook for the "social" function. I prefer calling or e-mailing. However, I check my Facebook daily for my Facebook games." — Rosay77
  • "I don't check it at all, because I don't have a Facebook." — WildLikeFox

Are you a Facebook addict too, or would you rather get your info somewhere else? Let me know!

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gd101 gd101 7 years
I'm totally addicted to facebook, which reminds me . . . I'd better go check on it :)
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