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How to Move Music From Your iPod to Your Computer

Ask a Geek Girl: Why Won't Songs Transfer From My iPod?

Reader lockandkey recently posted this question in the Ask a Geek Girl group:

I just got a new laptop, yet still have my old iPod. Now, even if I try to sync my iPod to my computer, it doesn't transfer everything that I have on my iPod on to my laptop, it just charges it. So, I have an iTunes account that shows all of my songs, but they have an exclamation point next to them and if I click on them, it says that iTunes cannot locate the song. How do I get everything that is on my iPod back onto my computer?

To see my short and sweet answer, just


The short answer is this: you can't transfer songs from your iPod to your computer using iTunes alone. It's a built-in iTunes feature that prevents oversharing music files. Chances are, the songs recognized by the computer were songs you purchased through the iTunes store, and those missing came from importing music files from a CD or were sent to you by a friend. The good news is that there are plenty of programs that allow you to transfer music from your iPod to an authorized computer. If you're on a PC, try Pod To PC, for Mac, try Pod To Mac. These programs will pull files off of your iPod onto your new computer; just make sure none of them violate the iTunes Terms of Service.

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cherrysm1th cherrysm1th 7 years
I swear by ImTOO ipod Computer transfer. works like itunes but with ++ features, especially copying stuff FROM ipod back to my computer. <3
Zia-Giulia Zia-Giulia 7 years
The motherboard on my old computer was fried and I was too lazy to get it fixed. I upgraded to a Mac and found a way to transfer all my songs from my ipod to my new comp. If you're even a little tech savy, follow the instructions here:
DaniLaurette DaniLaurette 7 years
if you google this program called iDump, download and use it it will transfer your songs from your ipod to your computer. The program copies all your songs into a file on your hard drive. Then all you have to do is upload that folder to your itunes and BAM! the problem is solved. I also use iDump to copy music from friends/family ipods/iphones to my hard drvie to save $ on having to buy new music. With the way the economy is today it helps to save $ where i can. I attached a link to the video on where and how to use the program! I hope it works for you as well as it has for myself and other friends i have share it with.
dqueen888 dqueen888 7 years
you CAN use home sharing...
sandyeggo sandyeggo 7 years
If you have the computer with the original music on it, you can actually use your ipod as a harddrive or flashdrive. It's a bit time consuming but works like a charm. The instructions can be found on :)
meggyme meggyme 7 years
I ran into a situation similar to this last summer. My ipod died and a few months later, the hard drive on my computer crashed, leaving me with no access to any of the music that I had purchased. After getting a new computer I sent an email to the people at itunes explaining my situation and they were kind enough to let me re-download the songs I had purchased through the itunes store. Obviously I had to put all my CD's back on my computer, but being able to get my music library back was actually pretty easy.
mishelleanne mishelleanne 7 years
THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this! My hubby just bought a MacBook Pro and we wanted to transfer files from my iPod to it, but I didn't want to mess with questionable downloads. But now that I've read this, I will be downloading Pod to Mac, since you posted it! Yaaahoooo!!!
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