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How to Organize Your Chargers and Cords

How-To: Clean Up Chargers and Cords

If you're anything like me, then you've got several drawers that look much like the one in this picture. Every electronic comes with at least one cord (though usually there are more), and it's not always in use. That brings me to my biggest issue with electrical cords and chargers: storage. What on earth do I do with all these wires? More times than not the ugly chargers end up in a tangled mess in a few drawers throughout the house or, even worse, hanging out on my counter tops. A super organized pal recently told me her no-hassle solution to my problem, and I decided to give it a try. Want to see what my cords look like now? Then


Ta da! I'm smitten. If you look closely you'll see that all you need to have perfectly organized cords is an inexpensive, clear, over-the-door shoe organizer ($15) and a few sticky labels. Simply insert the cords in the slots, add the labels, and you're done. Honestly, the hardest part was figuring out which cord went with what gadget (I'll admit I still have a few unnamed compartments). Never again will I be muttering profanities as I frantically search for my video camera charger. What's that you say? You need to charge your BlackBerry? Turns out I've got three chargers for that!

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Sherrilee Sherrilee 6 years
The cords and chargers have been my nightmare. Thank you so much for this nifty idea.
anitanirma anitanirma 6 years
it does look much better doesn't it! love the idea!
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 6 years
I wish so badly that this would work for me lol. I have so, so many cables - I have two very large tupperware bins full of 'em! I'm a compulsive cable hoarder because I'm always afraid I'll throw away something I need or the moment I toss something, a friend in need of a spare cable will come knocking. This is what I get for having a large collection of gaming consoles lol. When my husband and I get into a house, we'll be able to dedicate a room as an office and I maybe then can use an organizer like this just for phone and computer cable (spare mice, USB, headphones, etc.) stuff. :]
groovyspecs groovyspecs 6 years
Very innovative idea, thanks!
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 6 years
a1stbornunicorn a1stbornunicorn 6 years
I like the idea but I don't think I'd dedicate a whole door to chargers and such.
Munkeyhed Munkeyhed 6 years
I do something similar, plus I label the actual cords as well. My P-Touch label maker gets lots of use!
vap vap 6 years
I love this idea - how easy!!
manxy manxy 6 years
What a great idea!
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