Tis the season of holiday greeting cards. Some call them cheesy, while others (like myself) simply adore the variety of goofy, stodgy, and sweet photos and cheerful messages friends and family members put together. If you're preparing your holiday card, consider a website or service that will do the hard work for you, or even sending a personalized electronic (and eco-friendly) greeting card. Here are some fun sites to peruse if you're currently feeling like a holiday card Scrooge.

  • One Penny Post — Take a photo, type up a message to go with it, then have someone else print it up and post it. One Penny Post ships internationally from either Australia, the US, or the UK (depending on where you do the ordering from), and each postcard costs $2.50.

See the rest of the sites when you read more.

  • Hazel Mail — This simple site allows you to combine a digital picture with a personalized message and will send out a postcard for you for the flat postage fee of $1.50.
  • Postcard FM — Standard ecards are pretty generic, Someecards can be clever but a bit snarky, and neither option is what you really want to send to people: personal. Postcard FM delivers clever, easily personalized and fun. You get to put together any picture and any song (just upload each file), slap in a message and an email address, and your recipients get a custom card for free. Just make sure the song you upload is the radio edit if grandma is on the mailing list.