Reader woodlawngirl recently posted the following question in GeekSugar Q and A:

I took some photos on a recent trip I'd love to print — 8"x10" ideally. What website has the best quality prints? Thanks!

If I'm not printing my own photos at home, I've had success with one printing service. Find out my recommendation (and share your own!) after the break.

Woodlawngirl, for fast, accessible prints, my recommendation is to check out Flickr. To use it, create an account and upload your photos to the site. The photos will be made public and searchable by default; if you'd prefer your photos stay private, there's an option to keep them solely to yourself. Then, choose the "Order prints and more" option from the Actions menu.


Since Flickr partners with Snapfish for printing photos, you'll be redirected to the Snapfish site, where your Flickr photos will be copied to a Snapfish account. Confirm your photo choices and sizes (it'll alert you if your chosen print size is too big for the photo to print properly), and add a border (if you choose). You'll then be prompted to checkout, where (this is my favorite part!) you can elect to pick up your prints from a store near you. There are several convenient options, like Walgreens and Duane Reade — even Walmart. While you can get the same result by uploading your photos directly to Snapfish, I prefer Flickr's editing and sharing tools.

Have you had success printing your photos? Share your experience below!