If you're headed away for the holidays this week you should consider programming your TiVo online so you don't have to worry about it when you're packing up your sleigh.

Online scheduling is honestly one of TiVo's easiest features. In fact I'm one of the few that actually thinks it's easier than doing it at home because you can see the larger grid and get TiVo highlights about upcoming programs. And you can program all those things your significant other might say "really, you want to watch that?!" to if you were in the same room. The online scheduling service is free as part of the regular TiVo service, however you must have a Series2 box.

For tips on how to use online scheduling, just

  • Log on to tivo.com and click on "Online Scheduling." The first time you do this you may need to set up an account, by submitting your e-mail and a password.
  • Once you've signed in to TiVo Central Online...Use the search tools to find a show that airs on a channel you know you receive (tell me more). Then, click the name of the show and choose either "Record this episode" or "Get a Season Pass," if you want to catch every episode, all season long.
  • Confirm that your recording options are properly set, click "Schedule It," and the next time your Series2 DVR connects to the TiVo service, it will receive the request and attempt to schedule the recording.
  • TiVo does not guarantee that the online scheduling service will be uninterrupted or error free because your TiVo doesn't necessarily connect to the server every hour, so if you are planning on TiVoing something really important, make sure to do it in advance or at home in front of the box.