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How To Put Together Your Wedding Slide Show

One of my all-time-favorite couples tied the knot last year after nearly 10 years together and decided they wanted to feature images of their life thus far as part of their wedding reception. She's a set designer and he's an architect and given the nature of their careers and their quest for adventure, it seems there isn't a corner of the world they haven't traveled hand-in-hand. So, after much discussion, they put together an awe-inspiring slide show of their favorite images in iPhoto, burned them on to a disk and projected the show onto the tent wall at the beginning of the wedding reception.

When I first heard they were going to do that I worried it would seem silly, but it ended up being breathtaking. As guests walked into the tent, their eyes were met with images of the couple on vacation, studying in the library (they met at UCLA), holding hands at another friend's wedding and just hanging out. Of course, the "projection screen" was framed by a table with candles and beautiful flowers, which seemed to soften the images. It was marvelous.

If you're interested in making a wedding slide show there are two ways to do it. You can create a slide show of old images (like my friends did) and share them at the actual wedding or you can create a slide show post the wedding put it on your wedding website - or better yet, host a post honeymoon party where you invite the bridal party to come relish the beautiful images from your wedding day. For my tips on creating a great slide show, just

I really prefer soundless slide shows, especially if are planning on showing yours at your actual wedding. Still, many people like to add a musical touch to their slide shows for a dramatic effect. According to Ultimate Wedding there are a few simple steps that can aid you in creating a great show-stopping slide show.

  1. Shorter is sometimes better - Ultimate wedding says that video montages that are between 8 - 12 minutes in length are ideal for wedding receptions. This usually works out to about 3 songs and 75-100 pictures. "While you can certainly display more photos during your slide show, you want to be careful not to subject your guests to an extremely long slide show."
  2. Choose Quality Photographs - Pictures that look great printed (correct lighting, framing, developed properly) will also look great while scanned.
  3. Add short video clips - Do you have any home videos sitting around gathering dust? Think about adding perhaps a 10-15 second video clip in the middle of the slide show.
  4. Add motion to your slide shows - Slide shows developed on PowerPoint and other consumer level software will typically be just static photos that go from one picture to the next.
  5. Test! Test! Test! - Remember watching your science teacher struggle with the overhead projector? Don't create a moment like that at your wedding or post-wedding party. Have everything set up and ready to go before guests arrive.

Need Help?

  • Don't want to do it yourself? Businesses like DVD Photographs will make a slide show for you for $79. Print shops and photo developers at drug stores like Walgreens can also help you put your photos together by turning them into slides or a disk for a small fee.
  • You can make a slide show on flickr or Photobucket and easily embed it on your wedding website.
  • Kodak offers a Photo gallery page, which costs $25 a year and will allow you to create galleries that are accessible anywhere and easy to share with friends and family.

Good luck!


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