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How Quickly Should You Respond to Emails From Friends?

Reader Angelica recently posed the following question in the GeekSugar Community:

I spent a few days largely off the grid a few weeks ago when I was on vacation. I had my iPhone and computer, but didn't maintain my usual social networking mania. My tweets were sparse, I didn't update Facebook and I didn't email friends back at my usual lightening speed. The reason? I was really busy. Still, I received three emails from friends wondering if I was OK (and in one case, if I was mad at her). Clearly my always available and online status has trained others to think I will be just that — always available — but it's not always possible. How fast do you think friends should expect to hear back from you via email?

Have an opinion? Visit the original post to take the poll, or let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Happsmjc Happsmjc 7 years
I first read this over the weekend from my phone and couldn't comment. It struck me as odd..because didn't your friends in fact know you were out of town? On a normal daily basis my friends and I g-chat and email back and forth often, but when I get busy we just start talking again the next day. However, before I go somewhere most of my friends know of my plans, and do not expect to hear from me. If they truly needed a response from an email or voice mail I would give them one, but usually they will write or call and say get back to me when you get back or when you can. I guess the disconnect for me is my friends know when I am on vacation and then their expected response time changes.
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