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Digital Life
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How to Remove Stickers From Your Gadgets

‘Tis the season for new electronic gadgets, which means it's also the season for removing feisty stickers. It’s best to remove any factory stickers or labels as soon as possible if you think you're ever going to take them off, as they tend to dry up and over time can become a permanent part of any electronic device.

For geeksugar’s tips on removing nasty stickers, just

  • Decide which stickers you want off your gadget.
  • Slowly pull the sticker from the edges, using your fingers, fingernails or tweezers. The idea here is that you want to pull the entire sticker off in one piece.
  • Slowly grab onto the edge that you have just propped up and pull the sticker off.
  • Take your finger and rub over where the sticker used to be. Chances are there is still some sticky substance remaining, so rubbing the area with your finger will help turn the sticky stuff into a dirty residue you can rub off. Geek Tip Make sure to use tools that won’t damage your gadget (your hand works best!) and run an eraser to remove any remaining residue.
Join The Conversation
LaLaLola LaLaLola 10 years
Yeah I usually do all this, but I never thought of using an eraser...
Tech Tech 10 years
I love that stuff. It's totally great.
lrobin lrobin 10 years
Go out and buy some GOO GONE, it's the BEST thing ever to have under your sink for removing annoying stickers, crayons from the wall, paint from bumpers (not that i would know), pesky manufacture's stickers from new clothing, etc....... can be found at your local grocery or drug store!!!!
tina_marie tina_marie 10 years
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser REALLY WORKS!! This guy will take any stain off of anythign and remove the sticky residue from stickers. I swear by these things!
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