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How to Stop Getting Facebook Friend Suggestion Emails

How to Stop Getting Facebook Friend Suggestion Emails

Thankfully when I jumped on the Facebook train, I didn't do the whole "import people from my email contact list." And now, I don't get inundated with emails from Facebook, making suggestions about who I should FB "befriend." When my friend asked me WTF was going on with all of these spammy friend request emails, I knew it had to be happening with others — and it sure is.

When Facebook scans your email contact list for friends, it makes note of the friends you add and don't add. You see, the people you don't add stay in Facebook's system and will come back to haunt you later — exes, your backstabbing high school enemy, old bosses. Facebook will then continually remind you about these people with their "Facebook Friend Suggestion Emails."

To remove these contacts and any trace of them on Facebook, just log in to your account and go here. Done and done.

BTW, the t-shirt is from Zazzle if you're digging it.

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Paul3005172 Paul3005172 4 years
That seems to have helped, thanks a lot!
Serena2416561 Serena2416561 5 years
I'm a bit upset as today I recieved a notice from Facebook saying I had been soliciting friends I did not know and if I did it again I would be banned. This all stems from leaving my iphone on the sofa briefly with the facebook page open. It was the news page where at the top they always have a load of friend suggestions of people you dont even know! Well the dog managed to jump up on the sofa knocking the phone off and a friend request was sent :( I cancelled the request and sent an apology to the person saying it had been a mistake and this morning I get the message. Really upset as I never do anything wrong and this worries me.
Frenched Frenched 7 years
I just joined Facebook and I find it very annoying.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 7 years
THANK YOU. I don't need you to suggest friends for me, Facebook, thanks. I hate what FB has turned into.
theonlyjess theonlyjess 7 years
Awesome! Thanks!! :)
theonlyjess theonlyjess 7 years
Awesome! Thanks!! :)
Segat1 Segat1 7 years
Facebook Friend Suggestion Emails? I don't get these on email, rather on the suggested friends side-bar, and often, they suggest people don't know, nor have any people in common with. Weird.
TidalWave TidalWave 7 years
wow! that would suck! glad i don't get those emails...
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