Always on the ball, Yahoo's Techie Diva Gina Hughes has tipped me off to a list of helpful night photography guides. It's a problem close to my heart, because like Gina, I love taking pictures of cityscapes at night, especially when I'm on vacation. Suggestions include experimenting with your camera's ISO, Exposure and Aperture settings. Here's more

Set your "ISO at 200 and 400, shutter speed from 1/15 of a second to 6/10 of a second, and aperture set to whichever setting allows the LCD to appear as bright as you want the photos to be, but not much brighter. In other words, set ISO first, shutter speed second, and aperture to the just-bright-enough setting. Now, start taking pictures." You'll need to read your camera's manual to learn more about these three features first.

Of course, once you find the best settings for your digital camera, all you have to do is set them as your preferred settings, and take 5-15 photos in continuous shooting mode until you get one that isn't blurry. Always remember that even the smallest movements can make your images blurry, so try not to take photos right after a glass of champagne. For additional help, visit Instructables.