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How To Take Spinning Pictures

The fact that cameras are now portable enough to slip into our tiniest back pockets and clutches means daily opportunities for fun and impromptu photo sessions. If you're tired of posing to look slim or just taking nightscape photos you can always spice up your repertoire by taking cute spinning photos. If you have a kid, you're probably well versed in the wonder that is spinning. If you don't, it's time you grab a camera, partner (preferably someone who's still in grade school), head out to the park and commit photo jojo's guide to memory.

For the four step guide,

Step One
Position your friend behind you and the child in front, with your friend holding the camera above your arms and pointing it down toward the child. Select a slow-ish shutter speed of 1/15th sec to blur the background.

Step Two
Altogether now: spin!

Step Three
Once our giddy little subject is aloft, advise your friend to start snapping.

Step Four
Review your photos, and repeat as necessary. (We’d wait for your head to stop spinning first.)

When you're finished, I suggest you follow photojojo's advice and join the flickr spinners group.


ashwee ashwee 9 years
This is such a cute idea!
nals33 nals33 9 years
Super cute!! I'm gonna have to remember this for when I play with my friends babies!
woodycakes woodycakes 10 years
i want to be the one spinning :D
elynette elynette 10 years
Oooooooooooooooooooh! I like!
xMiss-Worldx xMiss-Worldx 10 years
thank you for this! very unique.. but I could never do this ^_^ I can't spin without getting dizzy and sick! lol
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
oh thats so cool. thats such a unique kind of picture. thanks for that
sailing-chick sailing-chick 10 years
what a cute little girl - I love these little tips and am a keen photographer - thanks geek :0)
macgirl macgirl 10 years
That is super cute! I love these little tips. I made the photo cubes for father's day and they were a huge hit.
quidditchmom quidditchmom 10 years
my kid weighs as much as a loaf of bread, so I doubt Ill dislocate anything, this is his FAVORITE thing to do, so me and the hubby will have to do this soon.
Hope5 Hope5 10 years
We do this a lot!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Be careful, though!!! You can dislocate your kids elbows/shoulders by swinging them this way.
Daisie Daisie 10 years
So cute, Geek! And a great website to boot! Now if I only had a child..... =)
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