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Tech Dating 101: He Quotes My Tweets, What Does That Mean?

A gal pal recently divulged that she had a dinner date with a single male friend and when conversation turned to Twitter and the Internet, he proved to be a studied student in her tweets. In fact, he quoted a few of them verbatim. He presented the homage to her updates in a humorous way, ("so why didn't you tweet that?" "I think your exact Tweet was. . .") so she wasn't overwhelmed, but wondered what that could mean and what she should do. It wasn't an explicitly romantic date, but there were flirtatious undertones and his extensive knowledge of her updates make her wonder.

I've tackled a similar conundrum in my Tech Dating 101 series when we discussed people using Facebook to get to know one another. To see what my advice for this similar Twitter situation, just


  1. He's probably into you: He may not want to have babies and run off into the sunset, but Twitter is updated every millisecond and it is hard to keep up even when using a Twitter management system. It sounds like he is paying close attention to your activity because he wants to get to know you better, cares what you think, and likes you whether as a friend or girlfriend.
  2. Are you into him? If so, Tweet back: If he is reading your updates close enough to quote them he is asking to be interacted with and trying to show you he's interested. If you want to explore where this real/tweetlationship might head, retweet his witty updates or reply back to him. Both will flatter him. If things get really flirty, take it to your direct message inbox. You don't want anyone else to be able to quote your interactions.
  3. Just not that into him? Take heed!: If you decide you don't want to get too friendly with him, pay attention to your interactions and updates. Don't engage with him daily — that could be perceived as misleading. If he gets annoying and continues to parrot your tweets when you see him in person, block him or send him off-guard with tweets about your dates or crush.

It's a cruel Internet world out there, and it can be hard to decode people's intentions. Check out my Tech Dating 101 series, where I help disperse a double whammy of tech and relationship advice, for a little support.

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chakra_healer chakra_healer 7 years
From day one my husband did the same thing. Like GS, I think it just shows he's interested. If you are as interested and do not get any weird vibes, take it as a compliment. If you are not that into him, dump him - he'll find a lady who enjoys a thoughtful/attentive date and you can find someone that doesn't give a care what you do.
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
I agree with flickster... Very sketchy...
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 7 years
that would actually creep me out a little. even if well deployed, He just proved that even though he's not romantically involved with you, he's reading (and memorizing) your tweets. I'm a very trusting person, but that sounds off a creepy alarm in my head.
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