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How to Turn Off the TiVo Pause Menu Ads

How to Get Rid of the TiVo Pause Menu Ads

Last week's revelation that TiVo is rolling out their Pause Menu Ads to their Series 3 and HD TiVos aroused many opinions — some of you are annoyed at having to see more ads, while some of you think that the pause menu ads are pretty unobtrusive.

In the former group? TeamSugar member Blaq came to our rescue in the comments with instructions for how to bypass the ads. Though TiVo says you can't permanently disable the ads, it's nice to know they can be stifled.

Blaq advises:

  1. Activate quick dismissal of the progress bar (and related ads): while playing, press PAUSE and DOWN to hide the ads, then enter the code “SELECT-PLAY-SELECT-PAUSE-SELECT". You will hear three chimes when the code is accepted. (Repeat to toggle it off.) From now on, both the ads and the progress bar will quickly disappear when you pause.
  2. Hide both the pause-screen ads and the progress bar: when paused, press CLEAR.
  3. Hide the ads but keep the progress bar: as instructed on the pause screen, simply press the DOWN arrow when paused. TiVo will remember your choice for the rest of that program. This is my favorite approach, as I like the progress bar and don't want it to disappear. You simply retrain your "finger memory" to press PAUSE-DOWN instead of PAUSE. It'll quickly become second nature.

Thanks, Blaq!

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