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How to Turn Your iPod Touch Into a Phone

How-To: Turn Your iPod Touch Into a Phone

If you're on a budget, a data-heavy smartphone package may not be the best situation for your pocketbook (especially now that both Verizon and AT&T have changed their data and text messaging packages), but sacrificing efficiency for a dumbphone may not be an option either. Thankfully, you have a third option: an iPod Touch. If you think that an iPod Touch can't suffice for a cheap alternative to a full-fledged iPhone, you may be surprised. Check just two ways you can function on the fly with an iPod Touch as your cellphone.

  • Apps and WiFi — Your iPod Touch may be WiFi-only, but that doesn't mean you can't make calls. Apps like Skype and Fring will allow you to make calls over a connection, while Google Voice will even let you get voicemail messages, send SMS text messages, and forward calls from your home line to your new (albeit slightly jimmy-rigged) cell.

Find out how else you could create an iPod Touch workaround after the break.

  • A 3G case to rule them all — Sprint just announced its new ZTE Peel iPod Touch case, which allows your iPod Touch access to its 3G network. The case itself is $80, and for just $30 a month (contract-free), you can get up to 1GB of data over Sprint's cell network, which is perfect for making and receiving calls while on the go. Contract-free for $30 a month? I'm in! Buyer beware: this case only works with 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touches.
  • Carry a MiFi — Carrying around a wireless MiFi card may not be the ideal situation, but it can save you big bucks. For example, you can get unlimited 3G WiFi access with a Virgin Mobile MiFi card for just $150 and $40 a month with no data plans, text messaging plans, voice plans, or roaming fees to worry about. Plus, you can connect your laptop to the hotspot if you're on the go, which means no waiting for an AT&T or Verizon personal iPhone hotspot.

With any of these options, you'll want to pick up a voice-compatible headset or Bluetooth headset since the iPod Touch doesn't come with an ear mic.

Join The Conversation
bsanf3 bsanf3 6 years
I've been using Line2 and a Verizon MiFi on a WiFi iPad.
janetmouse janetmouse 6 years
Hmmmm...sounds easy...will see!
verolynne verolynne 6 years
I've actually been considering doing this for awhile. I hate being locked into cell phone contracts since I really don't use my phone that often, and when I do, all I do is text. The only thing that's been holding me back from using an iPod Touch as a phone is keeping a constant Wi-Fi connection, but this case might solve the problem. Thanks!
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