When I first told you how much I was enjoying the Apple TV, I mentioned that I thought the device was best suited for party people. And I am party people. No, not in a frat-boy Brody Jenner way, but in that I love hosting people at my house.

The most basic hostessing rule is making sure people are entertained, and the Apple TV brings that in a couple key ways. My absolute favorite thing about the Apple TV — and I am aware of its many talents — is its slideshow feature. That's because my boyfriend and I take a ton of photos, and the people in the photos are usually the attendees of our parties, so they get to reminisce about other events while enjoying a new one.

To see why the Apple TV's slideshow is different than others,


Though it's true that other devices can display photo slideshows on your TV — I have used most, but they all have limitations: The PS3 requires you plugging in a thumb drive, an iPod has to be plugged in as well, a burned DVD demands much prep, and you usually end up with the same kind of visual effect; that is, one photo cycling at a time. The Apple TV's visual is much more dynamic, showcasing several photos at a time, so your guests don't experience awkward lulls of you and your lover gazing into each other eyes on last year's vacation. And you get to see all the photos on your hard drive, because Apple TV connects to your home network.

Likewise, because of that connection, you have access to your entire iTunes library with the Apple TV, thereby giving you the other thing every party needs: music. Don't hook up a stereo, don't futz with trying to figure out how to play music and the slideshow from the TV — the Apple TV manages it with ease, and your guests will love using the remote to treat it like a jukebox.

Plus, these days it seems that people spend more money on speakers for their TV rather than a traditional stereo system, so it makes sense to use your TV as your home music player.

Plus, the Apple TV can save a party — when things get dull, suggest movie night and start downloading a film right away.

Music, photos, entertainment — the Apple TV won't pop your popcorn or mix cocktails, but it will free you to do those very important things!