I obviously love flatscreen TVs, and one thing I have been dying to do with mine is mount it on the wall. So chic! So out of the way! So intimidating! I'm convinced that even if we do figure out the mounting hardware correctly, it won't hold — one bad thing about a charming old apartment? Plaster walls that don't support anything.

So when I saw this new Benno TV stand by Ikea, with a reinforced back to "mount" the TV — no drilling into soft, old walls necessary — I lost it. $140 and no damage to my walls? Score! I know that some of you will say all Ikea stuff falls apart, but it doesn't — well, if you're an Ikea expert like me, you can spot the duds from the winners. That said, I'd have to see this in person at a store, but right now, I'm all over it. What about you?