When I came across the Infectious website (the name is oddly fitting) — which is packed with skins for your iPods, iPhones, and laptops — it took me a while to peel my eyes away from all the cool artist eye candy. I've already covered my laptop with a skin, so I guess it's only appropriate to slap a skin on my iPhone as well. Keeping your gadget safe from scratches, these skins are not only functional but are pretty easy on the eyes, like this Lomo-esque print I wouldn't expect to see on an iPhone.

For about $15 each, your phone will stand out among all the bulky and clunky cases in the crowd. Obviously, I couldn't pick my favorite, so I've rounded up a selection for you to browse through —maybe someday I'll actually settle on one! Check out the rest of the top ten that caught my eye after the break.