With the budding blossoms of Spring comes nicer weather and inevitably more travel. If you are familiar with the friendly skies, the idea of surfing the web or watching your own movie while on a five-hour flight may not make up for long security lines, crappy airplane food, and the six inches between your face and the bald head of a sleeping passenger in front of you. Thankfully the peeps over at InsideTrip feel your pain, as well as the pain you may get in your knees from not enough leg room.

Where other flight search sites like Kayak give you the best rates, InsideTrip specializes in the creature comforts of flying. Want to know what I mean? Just


InsideTrip is hip on finding the best/most comfortable/on-time/fastest flight for your hard-earned money — just check off what is important when you search. Leg Room? Check. Newer Plane? Check. Gate Location, security wait time, lost baggage rank? Check, check, check away, and InsideTrip will fire off stats faster than you can say "My in-flight headphones aren't working." Stats like the percentage of on-time flights, whether it's a narrow- or wide-bodied aircraft, and how packed the plane is help you can make the most informed choice before booking that flight.

But it's not only about body comfort — InsideTrip finds the fares that make your wallet nice and comfortable, too, so you can start your Spring vacay off on a well-rested foot.

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