File this one under "the things you only see on Instagram." If you follow the user novelgram, you won't get selfies; instead you'll see the story on how one character named Instagram came to be. We don't know much about Instagram: A Novel except that it's a work of fiction, it has no connection to Instagram itself, and it's written by someone who goes by the name of J. Gone. Oh, and that the fictional "Instagram" hails from a family from the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains (not random at all).

Ahead, some of the cliffnotes, er, highlights, for your viewing and reading pleasure.

#insta_chapter2 I am Insta, son of “Beta”, son of Royde, son of Mrs. Aera O. Gram. #instagramanovel

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#instagramanovel #insta_chapter3 The Gram Family were among the first to come here, four generations ago. Back then, the Shadow of Teton Range was the only place for miles. The closest settlement was South Snake Shadow, with only a few tiny shades in-between. #LivingInAShadow #SpeakingInDreams

They say my great-grandmother was a lot like me — an intensely #private person who couldn't help sharing #everything she had. #insta_chapter10 #instagramanovel

I am Instagram, named, with #hope, in #honor of a doomed creation. #insta_chapter24 #instagramanovel

But when I saw the #mountains for the first time, I #reached out my hand to them and said, "Like!" #insta_chapter27 #instagramanovel