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You're Not Alone: 11 Instagram Problems We've All Suffered

May 28 2014 - 6:41am

Where's the Instagram edit button when you need it? Much like the first-world tech problems [1] we've all experienced, Instagram sometimes causes us major headaches that can only go away with a double tap. Ahead, check out 11 of the most offensive. Sound familiar?

Source: BBC [2]

When You Think of a Better Hashtag After You've Posted


Source: Youtube user The Platform [3]

When You Refresh Your Feed After 10 Minutes and See the Same Pic at the Top


When You Do Something Really Cool and Have No Instagram Picture to Prove It


When No One Likes Your Pic After a Minute — So You Delete It


When You Accidentally "Like" a Photo of Someone's From 50 Weeks Ago


Source: BBC [4]

When You Spend More Time Trying to Choose a Filter Than Taking the Actual Picture


When You Repeatedly Try to Upload an Instagram Photo After It Fails — and Then It Posts a Million Times


When an Annoying Family Member Follows You and You Have to Reciprocate


When You're Really Smart and Still Can't Figure Out Instagram Video


When You Have a Selfie Calendar So You Don't Post Too Many


When Friends Tell You You're Too Obsessed With the App


Source: Bravo [5]

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