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Interview With Facebook's Randi Zuckerberg and Team

Geeks We Love: The Ladies of Facebook Consumer Marketing

After professing my career envy of Facebook's Randi Zuckerberg, she offered a closer look behind the scenes of Facebook's consumer marketing division. Randi (pictured center), along with Aubrey Sabala (left) and Erin Kanaley (right), works with products across Facebook (like Facebook Places and livestreaming), bringing them to users in new and innovative ways.

According to Randi, Facebook prides itself "on having a real 'hacker culture' where ideas can come from anywhere. They don't have to come from the top down. They come from any employee. I'm pretty proud that our marketing team embodies that hacker culture also, it's not just engineers." Here, a glimpse into their awesome jobs, why Erin is going to have one geeky fantastic wedding, and exactly why there's a Snoop Dogg doll perched on mama-to-be Randi's shoulder.

What do you do?
Randi Zuckerberg: "I lead the consumer marketing team at Facebook. It touches every single industry and every other person. I have never found another job where you can work on a presidential election and the Olympics and the Oscars and Haiti and you will be meaningful at all of those different kinds of events."


Where does Snoop Dogg fit in? Find out more, including what the team is most excited about for Facebook in 2011, after the break.

What are you excited about in 2011?
RZ: "I'm excited about Erin's wedding! Erin has done some pretty fabulous things with her wedding."
Erin Kanaley: "I'm getting married on Facebook. I knew I couldn't plan a wedding so I turned it into a project and looped in my co-workers. Now it's smooth sailing. We're going to stream the event live collectively on my donors' pages. Since I had everything you need for a wedding donated to me, I am in turn donating my wedding budget to the Alzheimer's Association. It's about collectively looking at livestreaming and Facebook pages and promotion and all of the free tools that we have in a different way."
RZ: "Erin has pioneered a lot of Facebook advances in livestreaming so it's really exciting to see her using this in her personal life; it means that she feels so passionately about what she does at work that she can't even separate it from her own wedding. We will not be livestreaming the birth [of my baby]."
Aubrey Sabala: "Additionally, I'm really excited about some of the international opportunities that we have with Facebook. There's a huge opportunity there and I feel like 2011 is the year that we really expand a lot of programs that we have in the US and bring them on a global scale."

What gadget can you not live without?
AS: "Sonos. Sonos with the Rdio app and the Pandora app and Spotify. It's wireless streaming throughout the house."
RZ: "The FitBit. My husband and I are incredibly obsessed with the FitBit right now measuring the amount of steps you're taking and if you're healthy on a daily basis. That's been really cool to track. It even tracks how well you're sleeping."
EK: "My DVR. I don't have time to watch TV shows so I can watch them all on fast forward. I watched the whole Jersey Shore last night in 15 seconds."
RZ: "Also, Snoop Dogg just sent us a doll yesterday. A Snoop Dogg Barbie that we bring to meetings. It's our gadget of the week."

Who's your favorite geeky celeb?
RZ: "Besides Snoop Dogg? He made a YouTube video dedicated to me yesterday! He's my super geek of the week." [Ed. note: Check out the video. It's hilarious.]
AS: "I don't know that I'd call them especially geeky, but [the band] Frightened Rabbit. Being a band that has been one of my favorites for the past three years, now not only being able to call them friends but throw a small acoustic show that was videoed in HD with them last May, then using WhatsApp for keeping in touch with them while they're in Scotland."

Talk about job envy! Check out the rest of our career crushes; successful women with great jobs in tech. And if you want a Snoop Dogg action figure of your own, you can purchase one for about $30 here.

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