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Natasha Bedingfield Loves Tech Toys

Last night I had the pleasure of checking out the second concert in the Grammy Celebration Concert Tour presented by T-Mobile Sidekick here in San Francisco, where N.E.R.D and Natasha Bedingfield hit the stage. I caught up with Natasha backstage before the show to talk about tech, her love for gadgets, and find out if her new hubby is into tech as much as she is. Here's what the British beauty had to say:

GS: Being the official spokesperson for Boogie Superstar for the Wii, does this mean you're an avid gamer?

NB: Well I particularly like the Wii; I like the fact that it gets people moving. My main gripe with video games is where people stay on their butts all day long. If you do it all day, then you're gonna look like you do it all day, and that's the thing I like about the Wii, it gets people moving.

GS: Would you say you are much of a gadget girl?

NB: I am a gadget girl. I've got my essentials that I take everywhere with me. I have a Mac and so many other gadgets. Normally my husband who knows every name of every product of the latest models, and maybe that's a guy thing, but I know what they do and I value them. I have a Canon camera that I love taking pictures with wherever I go.

To find out what kind of cell phone Natasha uses, and to see how she feels about celebrities Twittering and using Facebook, just


GS: Apple or PC?

NB: I have had a PC, but I do like Apple. Once you get use to it, you can't really go back. But I do like both.

GS: What cell phone are you using right now?

NB: I use a BlackBerry. I don't like the iPhone that much, but I'm waiting for the next one to come out. There are certain things that you can't do with an iPhone that you can do with a BlackBerry. I type really fast on the BlackBerry, and have difficulty with the iPhone because of my fingernails. I love how you can zoom in and zoom out; it's really good technology, but they are going to have to tweak it.

GS: So by the sounds of it, your husband is really into tech as well?

NB: He's really into tech. If I have a new gadget, he's the first one to take it out of the box and try it out. I was given the Kindle for Christmas and I haven't even tried it yet, and he was the first one to use it. He spends hours doing research on new gadgets.

GS: How do you feel about so many celebrities jumping on board with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter?

NB: Well I like it because I was never really good at fan mail. I love the fact that now you can just have instant contact with your fans you can tell them when a gig is, I just think it makes it really interactive and it feels more personal. I like MySpace and Facebook because I think it's more healthy for people to be on their own sites — you can just send a bulletin or note to them rather than just post it on your own website. It's like they have their own little network.

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