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Invite Your Mixtapes to the Revolution With a Cassette Archiver

All the mixtape accessories and websites are pretty cute and novel, but you don't actually play cassette tapes — do you?

If you have something you are hanging onto in cassette form for whatever reason (hey, I've got an old "Forever Your Girl" single in my memory box), it might be time to get yourself this USB Cassette Tape Archiver (on sale for $169) so you can convert your old tapes to mp3 files.

Finally, you can relive your high school BFF's "Friday Night Party Mix" on your iPod!

aja28 aja28 9 years
I need this. On Christmas Day when I was little (we're talking early 70s), my Dad would interview my cousins and I using his tape recorder asking what we got for Christmas and did we see Santa Claus. That afternoon my grandmother Bibby would play the piano and all the family would gather to sing Christmas songs as well as old hymns like The Old Rugged Cross. We would also sing some Willy Nelson and this one song I remember Heaven's Just a Sin Away. So, as you can see - it was quite the assortment of songs. I have years of that stuff on cassette. I should have them converted while they are still in good shape!
mazdagirluk mazdagirluk 9 years
What a cool gizmo. Too bad my cassettes are long gone.
calamari calamari 9 years
I wish I still had cassettes to convert. I had a GF in college who worked as a DJ at the college radio station. She used to record all her shows for me. Ah young love...wish I still had those.
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