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Itsy Bitty, Teeny Weeny Solar-Powered Bikini

It's curious that people are still squeamish about the cost of going solar (seriously people, it pays for itself!), but when it comes to tiny swimsuits with solar panels, we're all in.

The awkward-looking solar bikini created by Andrew Schneider (seen at right) hit the gadget world earlier this year and received all kinds of praise for its ability to charge your gadgets while you soak up some rays. Now, swimming champion Gemma Mengual was photographed walking down the runway in a solar powered one-piece by Triumph, leading me to believe we will be seeing more of these bad boys.

I won't deny the chicness of solar power, but I will deny any requests to wear a swimsuit with any extra gadget holsters, mini solar panels or wires. I can charge my phone or iPod on my solar powered portable charger without getting hot, sweaty and looking painfully uncomfortable. Thank you very much.


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