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Geek Out: What's Your Office's Policy on Blogging?

An internal document reveals that employees of J. Crew are not allowed to blog at work, but wait — their definition of blogging is not just limited to keeping a personal online diary, it's also "any other form of posting information on the Internet, such as postings on a personal web site, business networking, social networking or affinity web site, on a bulletin board, or in a chat room."

I assume that means Facebook and Twitter, which employees are further instructed to not mention J. Crew if they are going to post anything anywhere. Fine if you don't have much to say about work, but they really stick a fork in it when they say, "Do not engage in blogging using any company resources." There go your Twitter updates about what you're eating for lunch.

I understand that the company wants to protect its image and interests, but we all know how cranky it makes worker bees to be denied their Facebook time.

Does your company have a stringent blogging/Facebook/Twitter policy?

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kathrynliz kathrynliz 8 years
this explosion of FB and twitter are definitely going to affect businesses. my company does the twitter thing and endorses as a form of e-commerce. but when your boss's boss is your friend on FB, it's not a great idea to run your yap about work frustrations. some people still don't get this- tacky at best. getting you fired at worst. duuuuuh.
chub0t chub0t 8 years
We actually use tweeting so our team mates know where each other is currently. We even created a custom homepage that posts everyone's latest twitter feeds. Using twitterberry to say "Going to a meeting from 8-10 at building xyz" is WAY easier than emailing a distro of 50% people who may not be able to check their email when they need you.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
There isn't a policy, but I've always considered a bad thing to blog/Tweet about your job. (Aside from 'at work' or 'work sucks today.') It's just trouble waiting to happen.
Angelica Angelica 8 years
Don't just be about it, blog about it.
Zivanod Zivanod 8 years
My company allows internet usage as long as it does not interfere with job performance. As well, if there is a site they really don't want us to visit, they block it.
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