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JailbreakMe Not Working For Some

Do You Jailbreak?

Over the weekend, a web-based jailbreak solution was released to iPhone-toting masses called JailbreakMe. This jailbreak is accessed through a website on your iPhone's Safari browser, and all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to set your phone free of Apple restrictions. Sounds easy, but some folks have been complaining that it doesn't work, and after allowing the program to run, their iPhones become "bricked" (or rendered unusable). Seems pretty risky to me.

I don't quite understand why Apple customers would want to jailbreak their iPhones — since you know what kind of environment you're getting into with Apple products — instead of just buying a comparable Android-run smartphone (like the Droid X, perhaps) or other device. Now that jailbreaking is legal, I'm betting there will be more stories like this to come. But I'm curious to know — how many of you have jailbroken your phones in the past, or are planning to jailbreak your iPhone now?

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kimchimei kimchimei 6 years
i jailbreak so i can just pop in a foreign sim when i am abroad and have a local number. it's much cheaper than the roaming / international charges.
Ceecee12 Ceecee12 6 years
We can also send and receive texts in any apps...we don't have to exit the application. And sync to iTunes wirelessly. Plus, we get the AppStore apps for free. I don't see why anyone wouldn't jailbreak. Even with the small chance that something could go wrong, the iPhone out of the box is so boring anyways compared to a jailbroken one, that we don't want it anyways after experiencing all the wonderful things a jailbreak can do.
Ceecee12 Ceecee12 6 years
I did it last night and it took 2 minutes with no problems. I've done it with all of my iPhones and not one problem. I had a hardware problem with my old 3GS. All I did was restore to factory settings and returned to Apple, they sent me a replacement. We jailbreak because it allows us to tweak our phones and get apps not in the AppStore. We can turn our iPhones into a wifi hotspot, we can tether our devices, we can have widgets, we can do facetime via 3G and not just over wifi. We can do so much more than the stock iPhone allows us to do. In fact we had MMS before Apple/At&T allowed us to. And we were able to take videos on our 3G iPhones. We can customize to our liking. We do it on our iPhones instead of getting a Droid because the AppStore is much bigger than the Droid marketplace. The problems people had was not "bricking" their phones. There were so many people trying to get into the site and it crashed. Much like when people tried to pre- order their iPhone 4.
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