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Jajah Offers One Hour of Free Talking on Christmas

What better excuse do you need to pick up the phone and call a long lost lover or friend when Jajah is offering one hour of free talk time on Christmas?! Between December 24 (12 am GMT) through December 25 (12 am GMT), Jajah is offering one hour of free international calls through their new service called Jajah Direct. You can use Jajah Direct on any phone and it lets you call internationally by dialing a local number. For more info on Jajah Direct, check out the video below!

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Shaherose Shaherose 9 years
Ladies, I just saw your comments and hope we can transform your JAJAH experience. I am an expat in the US and use the service everyday as a consumer to call my parents and brother in Canada. I love working at JAJAH because of the value JAJAH provides me and the potential it has to impact undeserved markets, yes, truly. I've private messaged you both. I hope to better understand your JAJAH experience and want to bring you back to enjoying our service. Shaherose Director, Marketing @ JAJAH
zehawk zehawk 9 years
Stay away from Jajah's paid service. I've been writing to Jajah support as a *paid customer* and have not got any response for the issues below. Now I'm planning on making formal complaints to consumer protection agencies in the US and Germany. This is what I've been sending them: 1. Some days ago I was charging my account and wanted to credit only 10 euros, but instead ended up crediting 50 euros because of the way the top up works. I cannot afford to spend this much money in one go. Hence I would like you to reverse part of the credit, leaving about 10 euros in my account. It would be better if you have a confirmation screen, which asks for user confirmation before processing a payment. Any website which requires payment always has a confirmation screen showing clearly the final amount to be charged BEFORE such a charge is made. This is clearly a shortcoming with your site, and something which would have prevented me overcharging my account. 2. It is strange that you store user credit card information and do not have a way to remove it. This is a violation of my privacy rights and for this alone I can take you to court. 3. The top-up function does not work correctly, because of which I had problem #1 that I've already noted above. There is no way to turn off top off. If I uncheck the box, I need to click on "pay now" and then the amount gets charged without any user confirmation. This is clearly an unfair trade practice.
SugarKat SugarKat 9 years
I'm not going to try it. I don't use long distance anyway...
longhorn_sugar longhorn_sugar 9 years
hmmmm lms's review concerns me...i may not try it...
Tech Tech 9 years
I've used it a bunch of times and haven't had any problems. Although I have heard of it cutting out during phone calls. Hopefully their new service Jajah Direct is better. I can usually justify a few glitches (same with Skype) since they are such inexpensive long distance services.
lms lms 9 years
Jajah is horrible in my opinion. I tried it 2 months ago for the first time. I was skeptical about it so I only put $10 in my account. When I tried to make a call it did not work and it started to deduct my money. I wrote 2 emails to them and never got an answer. They recently sent out a survey and I did not have single nice thing to say about them. They still have not responded. I would think that if you want to know how people perceive your business, then you would respond to complaints and try to remedy it. I would never recommend them to anyone.
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