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Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headsets

Do You Use a Bluetooth Headset?

I don't drive that often, so I don't really have a need for a Bluetooth headset. However these new Jawbone Icon headsets ($99) are really making me reconsider my situation. Coming in four new styles, the Icon is definitely a fashion statement that I'd have no problem making if I needed to. But it got me wondering how many of you actually use a Bluetooth headset today. Now that more vehicles are allowing you to connect your smartphone to built-in systems, it seems that Bluetooth headsets may be on their way out, at least when it comes to handsfree driving. Tell me — do you use a Bluetooth headset in the car, or while wandering the world on foot?

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HelenG HelenG 6 years
I wear my bluetooth headset whenever i use my phone. Its like in my ear 24/7 (but not when im asleep, duh). Several reasons: 1. I can hear the person im talking to better 2. Its a tad more polite 3. My cellphone gets a bit dirty sometimes and can cause cancer and 4. the obvious you dont need to use your hands!
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 6 years
I have a jawbone icon and it's great. It actually stays in my ear without an ear loop. I don't wear it 24/7 but when I need to go hands free around the house, or in the car it's perfect.
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 6 years
I use mine all the time, and not just for when I drive. I'll put it on when my bffs call (hate the heat on my face), when I go shopping, or when I'm doing house chores. Plus, my phone only gets reception in one part of my living room, so it's nice to be able to move around with the bluetooth.
thecolor thecolor 6 years
Most just don't feel comfortable enough to have in (to me). And if you're going to wear one it seems like it would be an all day kinda thing, else it's just easier to answer the phone normally. Not to mention a seemingly unnecessary drain on the bat.
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