Happen to be on JetBlue Flight 647 Sunday night, service from JFK to SFO? Two of our Coutorture staffers were — for five and a half hours. No, not airborne; they were stuck on the tarmac. So what did the ladies do after hunger pains ensued and they realized the plane (which by that time had run out of fuel and filled both waste tanks) wasn't going anywhere? They decided to do what any other tech-savvy gal would do: they turned to the social networking service Twitter and started twittering up a storm to JetBlue, who actually responded with jokes, support, and tips for getting on another flight.

To see what Julie had to say about the ordeal and to check out a video that they took at the scene of all the twittering action, just


Here are some of Julie's thoughts about her Twitter-JetBlue experience:

"Sticking your toe in the Twitter pool can get you in trouble. But we LOVED that the JetBlue Twitter was more responsive than pretty much anyone else at the airport. We couldn’t get an on the ground customer service rep but thanks to our mobile messaging we managed to get through to someone. Twitter is really a pretty great innovation."

And yes, they managed to catch another flight the next morning with Virgin America, finally making it to their final destination, San Francisco. So maybe Twitter didn't help them escape from jail, but it did provide them with some info straight from the source.