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Job Interviews on Skype

Would You Interview For a Job on Skype?

If you ask me, using Skype for dating is one thing, but using it for a job interview is something entirely different. But now, employers are turning to Skype as a cost-cutting interview tool. Instead of flying prospective candidates for in-person meetings, some companies are using the video-chatting software to narrow the list to a few finalists.

Even though I'd get to interview at home — in slippers and sweat pants if I wanted to, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable using Skype to meet a potential employer. I think you can learn more about a new job and work environment from inside the office, not from behind a computer screen. What do you think?

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aistea311 aistea311 7 years
Just recently I had an interview via Skype. What I did though was instead of having the interview at home with my cat running around, I did the interview in my friend's office without any distractions. This way I can look professional from the waist up and smiling via webcam is easier than doing it in person.
timotab timotab 7 years
I'd be happy to use skype as a phone-interview tool. Not sure about video interview. I'd also expect a face-to-face interview as part of the process too, though.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 7 years
I agree with worries about WHERE that content will end up. Having been on both sides of that interview desk I know some people are so overwhelmed and nervous that I have done the interview, then told them I knew they were too nervous to present themselves well and to come back in 30 minutes and we'd try it again. The second go-round was often worth the wait. Many people came in and we were both better served by this. Many people I interviewed back then were behind the scenes, perhaps socially inept, and I suppose you'd say official geeks. Giving them a second chance at an interview was we would have edited some really smart people from our staff just on how well they interviewed. Ironically some of the best people we ever hired were among those who were given "do-overs." I don't believe interviews are good indicators of a person's skills and abilities. I also don't think making perspective employees take numerous personality tests and so forth gives any more insight into who they are as well. Having someone flub a skype interview seems even more intrusive although I believe if an interview ended up on the internet someone would get whacked...and not the person who failed the interview. Further...I can see this going a whole different direction. People on unemployment have to show proof they are actively seeking work. It would be scary if the gov't started making those interviews recorded as a means of following up on just that issue alone. Heck---I should probably delete that....some of those gov't jerks don't need help with new ideas.
deeann deeann 7 years
as a college student recruiting our career services told us to be prepared with interviews through skype. my friend actually year had an interview for grad school using skype. but yes it can definitely make interviews more stressing and confusing
Akasha Akasha 7 years
I try to avoid having video chats with my friends due to the fact that no one looks great on the computer cam. Plus if you are looking at video chat person you end up looking like you are looking down rather than looking the person in the eye. Plus, I'm not comfortable with the fact that these interviews can be recorded, and sent to god knows where. Also, what's to guarantee that the person that is interviewing you is on the level.
GoingLikeSixty GoingLikeSixty 7 years
If I trusted the person doing the interview to judge me by answers and not by "performance" (unless doing video is a job requirement.) But I wouldn't have much faith in an HR type doing this type of interview well. But if I was looking, I sure would be practicing these skills just in case! Employers are looking for any reason to disqualify candidates this is just one more way to get it done cheaply. I would want reassurance that it was one on one and not one on a roomful of lurkers. What would a candidate do to protect against interview showing up on Youtube?
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