Or maybe I should ask how often? Yesterday John Mayer denied a rumor about him that claimed he was so ego-obsessed, he Googled himself every morning! He responded to it on his blog by saying that it was, "quite simply, untrue." Oh, now John, no need to be defensive! (There are way worse things you could be accused of doing every morning.)

Surely I'm not the only one who's Googled myself! And more than once. I mean, shouldn't you be aware of what's on the web about you? And isn't it just plain fun? There could be someone with your name doing something hilarious or horrible (side note: when I first started dating my boyfriend, he Googled me to find someone with the same name writing some pretty bad poetry, but he stuck with me, potential bad poetry and all).

So, do tell: Have you Googled yourself? How often? Have you ever been surprised by what you've found?

Photo courtesy of The CW