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Jon Gosselin is Photographed Outside of His Pennsylvania Home

Jon Gosselin Exposing His BlackBerry, iPhone, and More!

Talk about a triple-threat photo! Jon Gosselin was recently snapped outside of his Pennsylvania home with his iPhone, his BlackBerry (which was hiding in the sexy holster), and his big bad stomach.

We're thinking that Kate's love for her iPhone, which was once mistaken as a BlackBerry, must have rubbed off on Jon, because he seems to think he needs two smartphones — one for business, one for pleasure, perhaps?

I'm also wondering if he has the same kind of case as Kate too, except in blue?!

With the new episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 in full swing, I'm excited to see if this revealing shot makes it into the show. We shall see.

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cherryblossom cherryblossom 7 years
I am SO sick of these people, especially kate, no offense to anyone who is a kate fan but blah! shes a total attention junkie who wont be authentic about it, I mean who acts like they dont want their picture taken and they dont want to be as famous as they are, yet has they gaul to show up at a huge Jonas brothers concert in a limousine with your daughters, im sorry kate but you my dear are an attention junkie, thats right, I saw you on tmz in your limo, just admit that you love the fame and stop it with the woe is my famous now rich life act, it is old and tired.
teegaall teegaall 7 years
Oh my! That's 3 times worse than how Kate looked after she had the sextuplets.
weffie weffie 7 years
I like how his shirt says Buddhas, is that supposed to be a description of his belly?
rocksteady93 rocksteady93 7 years
This family is soooooooooo boring. I can't really understand why the are celebrities... This man...Jon is so disgusting. iuuu
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